Telehealth App Development: How to Develop a Telehealth App?

Most industries have already shifted to online modes of transferring information. Why? Because online modes are much faster and accessible than offline. This also applies to the healthcare sector. Most healthcare organizations have shifted online because of the top-notch services it provides. Even today, many people doubt whether or not they will receive good enough service quality from using these modes. B ut all of these doubts were cleared with the use of telehealth app development .    When a global pandemic had hit everyone hard, the only way for the healthcare industry to work was with the help of telehealth applications. Telehealth helped in providing patients with the right care, checkup sessions and all of this was possible for people from the comfort of their own homes.  Telehealth applications have slowly become one of the top solutions providers for the healthcare industry. It has made medical care delivery convenient and time-saving. In this blog, we have listed the benefi

Healthcare Application Development Guide: Types, Features and Challenges

Are you interested in developing a healthcare application for your organization? This is the right time to develop an application for your organization. Healthcare application development has grown in the last decade. These applications are bringing in new and more advanced solutions for healthcare practices. The size of the healthcare market was an estimated 105 billion US dollars. And by the year 2025, the healthcare market can grow up to 700 billion US dollars.

healthcare application development

The growing need for easier healthcare solutions and digital modes is the new reality now. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, it has become clear that the healthcare sector needs a lot of changes, to enhance its services. Ever since the pandemic broke, many new medical app development companies have joined the market.

We will be clearing out all of your doubts about the healthcare application development. With the help of our software applications, the healthcare sector has been able to bring lots of changes to its services. Our software services provides software services that are mentioned below. 

We will be talking about the different software applications SISGAIN provides.

1. Telehealth software systems.

2. EHR/EMR/PHR software systems.

3. RPM (Remote patient monitoring) applications.

4. Pharmacy management systems.

5. Interoperability systems.

6. Assistive technology.

7. E-prescribing systems.

8. Health information.

9. Practice management. 

10. Veterinary exchange.

SISGAIN has been providing software applications for decades now and we have enough experience to fulfil all your needs and requirements. We provide you with applications that are detailed and are cost-saving. Our software developers give you a step to step guide on how to use the software. We will give you detailed knowledge about what goes into application development.  We will give you detailed information about the risks and challenges these applications can come with and how these applications can be beneficial for patients, doctors and healthcare organizations. 

SISGAIN’s Healthcare software development

Healthcare software development is the use of different new technologies to develop an application for different devices. These developments can be for mobile applications for healthcare sector. These applications are built to heal, manage health-related problems, fitness requirements, find medical care providers and monitor vital signs.

These healthcare applications can help improve the way medical care is being given to patients right now.  These applications provide an increase in medical health standards. The most common way of providing care to people is via online meetings, having access to patient history and giving online payments. Our healthcare applications can be used in different devices, such as wearable devices, smartphones, or tablets. We have a lot of experience in delivering healthcare applications.

Down below you will find a detailed description of the different healthcare application software we provide.

mobile app for healthcare

Telehealth software systems

With the use of our telehealth software applications, different hospitals, clinics and other medical centres can easily connect on virtual modes. Doctors can easily attend to patients on video calls, phone calls, or text messages and provide treatments. Our telemedicine application development software will work just as good as real-time meetings.

EHR/EMR/PHR software systems

EMR (Electronic medical monitoring) software system provided by us keeps track of patients files digitally. Electronic medical records software development helps healthcare workers gain easy access to patients files. Our EMR systems can keep track of a patient's entire medical history, and also their current treatment process. These electronic medical records systems can keep track of a patient's latest lab reports, imaging, medical tests and also their newest results.

RPM (Remote patient monitoring) applications

With the use of our Remote patient monitoring software healthcare organizations are able to treat patients from anywhere in the world. Our application makes sure that the communication process is error-free and helps doctors monitor patients 24/7. Our remote patient monitoring application also cuts down on time and cost. Our application for RCM provides a medical billing feature, this makes the entire process much faster. 

Pharmacy management systems

We provide you with a pharmacy management software system. This system helps in storing data and organizes the medication process in pharmacies. Our applications help keep an organized medicine distribution system, this is important because it increases the speed of the process and helps pharmacists know where the right medicine is.

Interoperability systems

The interoperability system provided by our developers helps in the process of health information exchange software. Our software system helps healthcare organizations in delivering effective and advanced medical care solutions. 

Assistive technology

With the help of our software systems of assistive technology, patients who have any disability or old people are able to connect their monitoring devices to our systems and receive medical care easily. Our healthcare app development company provides assistive technology can easily be adapted by anyone. With the use of our assistive technology, doctors can provide better medical care solutions.

E-prescribing systems

With the help of our e-prescribing application systems, medical care providers are able to produce computerized prescriptions for their patients. Our systems are a safer method of prescribing medicine and it is also faster.

Health information

With the use of our healthcare applications, we have helped different organizations in sharing their medical data easily. This health-related information is important because it helps medical care providers give better treatment plans. Our applications are also able to give much bigger and detailed information about healthcare activities.

Practice management

With the help of our practice management software systems, a healthcare organization can easily conduct their daily activities. Our software includes the management of the online meeting, payments, patient management, telemedicine video conferencing, offline communications, integrations, keeping notes, patient reports, etc. In a healthcare organization, these things need careful handling and our software application gives that. Our software system makes these things much easier. 

Veterinary software applications

At SISGAIN we also provide applications for animal medical care. Veterinary software applications are specially designed to treat domestic and wild animals. The applications that we build help in controlling and preventing the transfer of diseases in animals. 

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Security and privacy concerns with the use of our applications

Above we have mentioned how important it is to build an application for healthcare organizations. While developing healthcare applications, security should be kept in mind. Healthcare applications can carry personal data and healthcare records of many patients and it is our responsibility to keep it safe. This is the main reason why all our healthcare applications are HIPAA compliant. The HIPAA ensures proper data security. We develop healthcare applications that are HL7 integrated.

In different countries, rules may be different. But we make sure all these are followed and our clients receive the best application to use.

So if you are looking to hire someone to build your custom healthcare software, SISGAIN is the solution.


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  2. Thanks for your valuable guidance for us! Healthcare app development helps people to access the healthcare system rapidly and efficiently. With a few clicks, patients can get access to their desired healthcare department. This way, healthcare apps are not only helping the patients and physicians but also business owners.

    In this way, if you are providing healthcare service you must go through a leading Healthcare App Development Company that can help you by developing an exceptional mobile application for healthcare services.

  3. The use of various new technologies to develop an application for various devices is referred to as healthcare software development. These advancements could be for mobile applications in the healthcare sector. These apps are designed to help people heal, manage health-related issues, meet fitness goals, find medical care providers, and monitor vital signs.


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